Coming from Russia, Natalia is a writer of contemporary adventure novels. Love 💖 for travelling around the World is the inspiration for her books. Natalia is fluent in English, French, Dutch… Yes, Russian of course, but also a little bit Spanish, Swedish and Japanese  😊

Presentation in Amsterdam
Presentation in Amsterdam

Natalia Mstitelnaya’s books are mainly intended for all types of readers who are interested in adventure, detective, or thriller novels together with a mystery. 💥

Her books are available for sale on main platforms like Amazon, but also available to borrow in the national libraries in Russia and abroad. This is the writer’s principle that her books are accessible to everyone. Thus, in each trip Natalia organizes a visit to the local library where she makes a gift of her book with a dedication 🎁

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Presentation in Thailand

The romans :  

What attracts you the most?

  • The country of the foggy Albion: the psychological thriller “The end of all problems” (version : Russian, Dutch)
  • Mysterious Egypt: the contemporary adventure novel “Deadly cruise”  (version : Russian, Dutch, French coming soon)
  • The Spanish Riviera favored by the wealthy people: the detective novel “Diamond Blue morning (version : Russian)
  • The criminal city of New York with the Russian mafia: “Escape from New York to Moscow” (version : Russian)
  • The rational and cautious Dutch people: the suspense novel I pack my suitcase and fly to Amsterdam!“ (version : Russian)
  • The Black Sea dangerous resort: the criminal thriller “The gambit in the city of Adler (version : Russian)

⚡ Whatever you choose, you will have unforgettable adventures! ⚡

Presentation in New York
Presentation in New York


👍 Nomination for a national Grand Prix “The best author of the year 2016” in Russia

👍 The Award and publication in the national selection “The best humorous stories of the year” (National Association of Russian Writers; Moscow; 2017)

👍 Nomination for an international Prize “The Slavic Word of the year 2018″ in Bulgaria (Varna)

👍 Laureate of the NISERMI Literary Prize (Moscow; 2019)

Amazon russian books
Amazon russian books