Coming from Russia, Natalia is a writer of crime novels. Love for travelling around the world is the inspiration for Natalia’s humorous detective novels.

Her books are translated into several languages, including French (“Meurtre dans la pyramide“, Edilivre, Paris, 2016) and Dutch (“Alle problemen komen ten einde“, Amsterdam, 2015 and “Moord in de pyramide“, Amsterdam 2019).

Natalia NederlandsThe Natalia’s books are intended primarily for all types of readers who are interested in either adventure novels, police or “suspense” alongside a mysterious part. That is why she has the readers from all over the world.

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Presentation in Thailand

Her books are available to borrow from the various national libraries: ‘The British Library’ in London; ‘National library of Scotland’ in Edinburg; ‘Washington municipal library’; ‘New York public library’; Ottawa National Library etc.

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– Nomination for a national grand prize “Best author of the year 2016” in Russia.

– The award and publication in the national selection “The best humorous stories of the year” (The National Association of Russian Writers, Moscow, 2017).

Amazon русские книги
Amazon русские книги

Deadly cruise By Natalia Mstitelnaya

BISAC Category True Crime / Murder / General

Subtitle:           Detective series “Ill-fated adventures”

Title:                 Deadly cruise

Primary Author: Natalia Mstitelnaya

ISBN-13:           978-1519157348


Although this detective story seems to be tragic and sometimes even unrealistic, it is based on real facts. This book belongs to the series of “Ill-fated adventure” where plot is perfectly mixed with traveler notes and sparkling humor of the author. The revenge is not over… because human wickedness knows no limits!

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