My dog has a sensitive stomach often suffering some digestive issues. That is why I am closely watching for the gastrointestinal products and choose the best digestive pet supplements πŸ™‚

Here is my choice in the UK market:

1.Number 1 of my choice is YuDIGEST which is recommended by my veterinarian. It contains probiotics and easy to serve in sachets. The disadvantage that it has a general profile and proposed all pets (dogs, cats, etc.), but also for all ages. ☹ My Momo is very special and needs an individual approach!

2.Number 2 in my ratings comes for Glandex. First of all, this digestive supplement in chews. My Momo gets it like a treat 🎁 Thanks to pumpkin and some probiotics inside, this product helps against scooting. But if your dog does not suffer from anal glands, probably you would not need this supplement.

3.Number 3 in this list is WORMclear produced by Beaphar. I tried it once, and it helped. These tablets are useful against digestive parasites which were the reason for my dog’s diarrhoea. Advantages are the attractive flavour (pork) 🐷 and an acceptable price. But it is a targeted treatment for particular cases because it is not each day that your dog confronts roundworms and tapeworms! πŸ›

4.Number 4 of my choice is DORWEST HERBS. 🌿 It is a natural (important for me πŸ˜€) pet supplement. Actually, when I bought it, I thought that it was tea for dogs, but it wasn’t! It is the Tree Barks Powder with a soothing effect that you can add into pet’s feed. Yes, it is calming but not a radical remedy in case of diarrhoea.

5.Number 5 in my rating comes to Johnsons Diarrhoea Tablets. It is cheap and produced by a famous brand “Johnsons & Johnsons”. I did not know that they produce pet supplements since they are more known for babies! But finally, my Momo is…my baby, isn’t it? πŸ˜„